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Ecobox - Limited Edition

Eco Box

What is it?
Ecobox Limited Edition is a portable germ-killing and odor-eliminating appliance you can use to kill germs, mold, mildew and viruses on surfaces, as well as contain and reduce odors at the source. Although it looks just like a graphite ecobox, the Limited Edition is not an "air purifier," because, unlike the standard ecobox, it uses no pulse ionization. It also does not use a remote.

What does it do?
It has hundreds of applications - from killing germs in the bathroom to taking away odors in the basement. It is designed to effectively treat any closed space up to 1500 square feet and has an extended "Away Mode" of up to 3 hours.

What can it do for you?
Because this product does not contain ionization, it is more affordable, and ideal for clients who only want to control odor and kill germs. Know a smoker who'd like to "freshen up" their vehicle or closet? Ecobox Limited Edition is the perfect product for the job.

Model: US90334BGRP